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About me

I've spent the last 5 years working on becoming an amazing financial practitioner. I started my journey at North Dakota State University where I majored in Finance, minored in Economics, worked with the student investment fund, and helped build the first student led venture capital fund.
That experience helped me meet the incredible people I work with today where we are revolutionizing how young successful individuals receive financial advice.
At Fjell Capital IĀ help define and execute investment management, and work heavily in business development through marketing, business strategy, and execution.
I started this newsletter to help grow my personal writing and communication skills, as well as strengthen my own personal knowledge. When I grow, you grow with me.
Follow along to see continued success and don't hesitate to shoot me a message.

Ways I can help you

Talk to me about investing, finance, and markets
Talk to me about business strategy
Running the Tape and the Laminate Money Podcast
Work with us at Fjell Capital. Get a financial plan, a financial scorecard, an investing plan, and much more. I work closely with the investment management team, so talk to me about your current strategy.
Because I work so closely on the business development team at Fjell Capital I have a unique lens into business creation and design. Talk to me about product offerings, marketing, and branding.
I write 2 unique pieces of content every week about markets and investing publish here and on my newsletter. I am also the co-host of the Laminate Money Podcast a show exploring our world and the financial markets and what it means for you.

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