One Year Post ChatGPT

Posted by Jacob Radke
December 4, 2023

Year to date, sector performance has heavily tilted towards the big technology names such as Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Nvidia, and Meta Platforms, among others.

What’s been a huge part of that? AI, and the release of ChatGPT, the largest language AI model created by OpenAI, which was released on November 30th, 2022.

Since then, Microsoft has purchased 49% of OpenAI, Google has integrated AI into its search, Meta has launched an open-sourced model named Llama, Nvidia has sold tens of billions in AI hardware, Amazon has launched its own AI business tools that integrate with AWS, and Apple is gearing up for how it can use AI in the world’s largest consumer hardware product, the iPhone.

The tech sector is up over 50%, the communications sector (including Google and Meta) is up over 45%, and the consumer discretionary sector (including Amazon) is up around 30%.

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